I was born in Nassau, Bahamas to British parents. After 5 years of living the dream they decided to return to the UK. School wasn’t all that inspiring for me but at the age of 12 I became interested in the guitar. I decided to take lessons but my teacher, although a great guitarist, was not a great teacher and I decided the guitar was not for me. Three years later I discovered Nirvana and decided to teach myself.

After I finished school I had a number of unappealing jobs but then found a teaching role working with autistic people.

I was in my comfort zone and needed a new challenge so I went travelling around the world for a year and a half. While I was in Australia I met a girl from Switzerland that encouraged me to buy a guitar. She asked if I had ever tried singing to which my reply was an emphatic “no”. Singing was something I never even dreamt of doing. A little bit like jumping out of an aeroplane or bungee jumping (incidentally I did both of these on this particular trip, so never say never!).

When I returned I had a plan to study English as a foreign language and to travel South America with the girl from Switzerland. To this day I still don’t know how but a flyer from The Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) came through my door. I was left with a dilemma, go to South America or study music. I went to the music college and she went to South America and the rest is history…..

Fast forward a couple of years – post graduation and after cutting my teeth playing the London circuit I recorded my first 3 track E.P. It was one track in particular You Can’t Win the War that was to change my life.

One afternoon I received an email from a guy saying he really liked my track, You Can’t Win the War. He asked me to come to Ireland to play at a music festival at Glenstal Abbey. At first I thought it was a joke, but no, it was genuine! It was such a great experience and later that year I returned to record Stars Are Made For The Sky with Grammy award winner Moya Brennan. I was also involved in the live concert in the Abbey which was featured on RTE (Ireland’s national television station).

I lived in Ireland for three years and this is where I recorded Breath of the Universe my first studio album. After completing my album I took some time off and travelled around Asia. Since my return I have been touring relentlessly and performing in countries such as the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Since 2010 I have made many trips to Germany, performing, writing and recording. Through a mutual friend, I was lucky enough to meet my creative musical partner. We decided to work together for my second album and It was only after one year of working together that we discovered we were born on precisely the same day. We calculated the time of our birth (me being born in the Bahamas and my music partner being born in Germany). We worked out he is approximately 4 hours older than me! True musical synchronicity!

I plan to continue my worldwide travel and will be bringing my second album and it’s songs to as many people as possible.