Living the dream…..still!


It’s been too long 🙁 apologies for that. 2014 was a year of exceptional highs. The experience of South America seems like a dream and sometimes I have to pinch myself if it really happened! I didn’t even mention that in Medellin I met a guy from the gym in Brighton then a week later in Bogota I met another guy from the same gym! Words escape me :0

So…..I’m off again 🙂 this time to Asia! I start in Bangkok then head to Myanmar (or Burma if you are from the old school). Then back to Thailand to spend 10 days in a Vipissana retreat. 10 days of no talking, no eye contact, no meat, no music, no alcohol no……you get the picture!!! 4am start doing nothing but “meditation”. However you could say that is a fancy hippy word so lets just call it “sitting still” 🙂 I’m a bit nervous but hoping it will be an incredible experience 🙂

So far I’m 2/3 of the way through my next album! Sounding great! Final part will be completed when I return 🙂

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