All set for the offski….

Hello people,

Just an update to my plans for the new year. Surprise surprise I’m off travelling!

Today I start another journey of a lifetime. I’m going to Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia!

From a personal point of view South America was always “The one that got away” (see the story). So I have a great feeling that I will be able to take my music to another continent. Only one continent remains where I am yet to play……does anyone know of any venues in Antarctica??

Of course I will be taking my guitar and hopefully will be able to pen a few classics. The only tools I need are a guitar, hammock and a beer….oh and a view of the ocean can help too.

I came across this quote: “This is the time for small paychecks and big memories. This is the time for travel. We are about as attached to one location as we are to our favorite Chinese take-out place. We know what we like about it, and we take comfort in the familiarity, but that’s about it.”
– Jessy Tapper

Providing I don’t get kidnapped I will be hitting the studio when I get home!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook as to where I am and what I’m up to.

Till I return……

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